Old News

by Patrick Bradshaw

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I began writing and recording music in 2003. This is a collection of some of my favorite tracks since then up to 2013.


released June 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Patrick Bradshaw Salt Lake City, Utah

We are what we believe we are.
-C. S. Lewis

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Track Name: Carry Me Away
Kiyo little darling
Pulling yourself up with your baloon
In my mind I take your picture
In my mind I think a rambling tune
With a tinge of madness
I sing us softly to the moon
Singing carry me o carry me
O carry me away with you

Kiyo little darling on a bicycle
With hands was made
In my room a bluish painting
That her little hands did paint
In my room I was a wasting away
with all my painted pain
Singing carry me o carry me
O carry me away

Kiyomi little darling with
Your name inside a Lion's mane
Rambunctious with your toe nails
You can drive all of them boys insane
In my heart a little part
Where a siren found a spot to stain
Yeah in my heart the pain did smart
The wind did start to carry me away
Track Name: Shining The Silver
Here's a fable of how the red
Came to rest upon your pretty hair upon your pretty head
Other colors couldn't save themselves from being gently shed
As you dreamt of fairies softly in your bed

And how you danced in the forest green
Amidst a lion and a lady and a forest queen
They loved to see you dancing, they wouldn't let you blend
With the green so they colored your hair red

Here's a tale of how the glitter met your eyes
How it shined and it shined until a river you would cry
Well I can't remember (I guess I'm that kind of guy)
If your eyes are brown or bluer than the sky

And how they made sure you weren't blind
So they made your eyelids silver as the silver you would shine
They loved the way your look could give you things to animate
So they gave your eyes a shiny silver gaze

Here's the history of how you came to be
How your mother was a pirate straight from old New York City
When she settled down in little town adjacent to the sea
You were born and you were smiling beautifully

You know she's been waiting til you're 22
That's the day when the horizon will be beckoning to you
You'l find out of the secret of your pirate ship at sea
Til you're older she'll be waiting patiently

This is a song that didn't take too much to write
Cause I've only known for 2 weeks and give or take a night
And yes I think you're lovely despite you're shorter height
And you're pretty face makes work seem alright

But you can't make me shine the silver tonight
Track Name: They Still Come Alive At Night
This world, this world is soft and spinning
Right before my eyes
This world she spins around the sun
And never does it rise

Oh girl you were buried with feathers
Always tried to hide
Those wings and I've never seen you flutter
Those things by your side

You still come alive
Still come alive at night
You still come alive
Still come alive at night

My mom has hair so raven black
Her youth has met its doom
Hair still dark as midnight prophecies
Her eyes a blacker hue

My father slumbers in his chair
His skin glows softly white
He was once a warrior parachuting
In the bleak of night

They still come alive
Still come alive at night
They still come alive
Still come alive at night

One day we shall go wandering baby
Then we'll clear our heads
And when they go looking for us
Our friends can say we're dead

Your shoes are ready for this journey
Do you have the time?
To walk with a stranger who'll think you're pretty
Til beyond the day he dies

They'll find me in a silver casket
floating down a stream...
With dirty shoes, a smiling face
Some words about a joker queen

Everyday in every life
Everybody dies inside
But baby open up your eyes
And see that we still come alive
Still come alive at night
Track Name: Footprints At The Graveyard
Footprints at the graveyard we snuck in
But we were wrong, we were wrong now weren't we
To think that they belonged to ghosts
Well we were young, and we are young now aren't we

I tried to tell you that you looked pretty
But you just smiled then you laughed didn't you
Here it is: you are pretty to me
Nothing's said, so just feel pretty won't you

And it's not true, but I say you kissed me
But I kissed you, and then you missed me didn't you
And it's not true, but I say you kissed me
But I kissed you, and then you missed me didn't you

For a day
They're just days now aren't they
Spend a day with me
Track Name: Gloomy Disposition
I've got a gloomy disposition, o wo
What a position this position I'm in
The weather's kinda cloudy, o wo
I should be sleeping so soundly
If you were right beside me

Sunny couldn't fake it, o wo
Bright light would replace it, mm hmm
I've got a gloomy disposition
This weather is never for me

If you were right beside me, o wo
I would be smiling so brightly, mm hmm
If gloomy is the weather
Together is never for me

Together is never for me
Together is never for me
Track Name: Coyotes
I found your shape in the clouds
A dreamy fog that surrounds me
With a simple song of last year's broken sound
And I got lost
(You said get lost)
And I was lost like a blinded hound

Outside my window through the trees
I hear them howl in midnight's breeze
A sound I never knew I'd miss
Reminds me of...
Reminds me of...
Your smiling mouth I wish I'd kissed

Don't know what God wants for me
I stare at glowing lights across the silver sea
With my bible in my hand I pray that she
Will think of me
Will think of me
In a peaceful memory


At night those dogs are running wild
And in my arms, my broken inner child
In my mind a picture of her lovely smile
It's been a while...
It's been a while...
It's been a while....
O Lord it's been a while


Heaven's in the star-lit sky
Every shooting star's an angel passing by
She looked inside me with a lover's starving eyes
Found I had died
Found I had died
Found I had died from our sad goodbye